Chairman's Message


To have or not to have a website – that is not the question today. Today, the question is who to hire to design and market your website, how much to pay, and how you can measure your investment’s success.


At first, you might be overwhelmed by the number of web design and development companies available, all making similar promises. Yet your choice becomes much more restricted if you want a website that is properly built, attractively designed, well-written, and well-ranked on search engines. This is exactly what we at SWS deliver.


We listen attentively to see your website through your eyes, and we build it with the latest web standards to ensure it achieves its purpose. Here at SWS, you will find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Custom web applications are yours to order and to witness in performance.


Our website is optimized for an efficient user experience, providing the information you need to choose SWS as your website provider of choice. Our portfolio is yours to browse through, and our team is there to advise you.


Owner & General Manager

SWS is the world-class web design and development agency of choice for hundreds of companies as well as the preferred outsource solution for interactive media agencies across the Arab World and Europe.


We at SWS believe that distinction is not the result of a single act but a mode of conduct, and we also believe that good work generates good work.


The success of any company is linked to that of its clients. Thus the best evidence of our projects’ performance and quality consists in our clients’ success and personal experience with us.


Today, SWS is one of the fastest growing web design and development companies in the region. From our launch in 2003 to date, we have delivered over 500 websites to satisfied clients. Regional industry leaders are increasingly choosing us as an outsource partner for their A-list clients.


Our Vision

We aspire to be among the largest companies leading the software applications (and particularly web applications) industry in the middle east by expanding our business, increasing our productivity, and penetrating new Arab and foreign markets, all while continuously improving our output caliber and quality.


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop software industry in line with global standards of professionalism and quality as well as to demonstrate this industry’s role in supporting other industries and contributing to the national economy.

Our Core Values